Our Process

Our LEAD financial
planning process

Traditional financial planning has a roadmap that doesn’t account for changes, and that isn’t how life works. Life is not a straight line. Our process is built to lead you through those changes. Tailored to you, the LEAD planning process is our unique approach that answers the important questions. How do you think and feel about money? What matters most to you? LEAD stands for Learn, Evaluate, Agree and Deploy.


In our first meeting together, we’ll spend time getting to learn more about you and what matters the most. What purpose does money serve in your life? How do you think/feel about money? What is it that the money is there to do? Do you have the resources to live that life?


Our heaviest lifting comes during this phase where we will evaluate and analyze your situation back at our office. The first question we’ll consider is where are you today? From here, we’ll begin to use our variety of planning tools to assess where you are going. We’ll analyze the 5 control factors in your life: spending, saving, timing, risk & legacy.


After we work on the details of your plan, we will meet to discuss and review the plan in its entirety. We will answer several important questions. How do I get where I need to go? What is my plan success rate? What risks am I exposed to that could disrupt it? We want to ensure that you can make tradeoffs between the 5 control factors in your life. Establishing priorities, accepting tradeoffs, and agreeing on a path forward puts you on a successful path.


Once we agree on the precise course of action, we will begin to deploy the plan. Our LEAD process is designed to give you clarity, control, and confidence to allow you to live the life you want. This process doesn’t stop once we deploy your plan and put it into action. In future meetings we answer the key question: Am I on still on course? As mentioned before, life never goes in a straight line. Our process is one that responds to changes in your life.